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John Crawford

1953 Born NYC, NY
1975 B.F.A., Sculpture, Rhode Island School of Design
1976-86 Studio work and apprenticeship to blacksmiths in Italy
1987-present Builds studio and works in Brooklyn, NY
1995-present Collects and studies African iron objects

I grew up in an artistic family, and I have pursued a slightly different
path than that of many NYC artists. After art school, I apprenticed
myself for 10 years to Italian smiths, makers of farm tools operating a
16th century water powered forge in Tuscany. There I made sculpture
and learned to make farm tools, which was the equivalent of learning
musical scales for the vocabulary of sculptural forms I was interested
in at that time. Since then I have remained involved with forging steel
on an industrial scale.

Since 1995, I have immersed myself in the material culture of several
West African cultures, in particular the production of the smiths, which
resonates with all that I believe in about materials and abstraction.
This research has been a tremendous source of nourishment for my
work. I attach a statement.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2006 “Towers,” Tribal Art Show, 7th Regiment Armory New York City
1999 Queens College Art Center, Flushing, NY
1998 Gremillion, Houston , Texas
1998 Deborah Berke, NYC
1994 Gremillion Gallery, Houston, TX
1993 Eli Marsh Gallery, Amherst College, Amherst MA
1990 Sculpture Center Gallery, NYC, NY
         Feigenson-Preston Gallery, Detroit, MI
1986 Greathouse Gallery, NYC, NY
1979 Le Pianore, Camaiore, Italy

1994 Queens College Marker, Queens College, Flushing, NY
1995 1992 Amherst Markers, Amherst College, Amherst, MA

Selected Group Exhibitions
2011  “Summer Editions” Lori Bookstein, New York
2006 Gallery North, Setauket NY, with Christian White
         The Art Mill, Jeffersonville NY, with Carol Smith
2004 National Academy of Design, New York
2003 14 Sculptors Gremillion gallery, Houston, TX
2000 John Crawford Ellen K. Levy Ann Messner Im n il Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
1998 R. Peeples Jr Gallery, Austin, TX
1997 Sculptor's Drawings, Salena Gallery, Long Island University, NY
         Sculpture Center Benefit, NY
1996 Reflections of Four Generations, Macon & Co., Atlanta
         Abstract Artists, Triangle Gallery, NYC
1995 Drawing, The Century Association, curated by Paul C. Cummings
1994 Sculpture, L.I.U. curated by Marian Griffiths, essay by Matt Freedman
1993 93NY50, Socrates Sculpture Park, L.I.C., N.Y.
         Four Generations of American Sculpture, Trinity Gallery, Atlanta, GA
         Sculpture: Crawford, Doyle, Fane; Washington Art Assoc., Washington, CT
1992 LARGESCALE, Bill Bace Gallery, NYC NY
         Sculpture Fields, East Hampton, L.I., NY. Curated by Bill Bace
1991 Artists at Home, Bill Bace Gallery NYC, NY.
         Working on Edge, L.I.U., Salena Gallery, NYC, NY
         Black and White, Trenckman Gallery, NYC, NY
1990 Means to Ends, Rockland Center for the Arts, curated by Cynthia Nadelman
         Sculptors Draw the Nude, Luise Ross Gallery, NYC, NY
         Gallery Selections Part 2, Feigenson-Preston Gallery, Detroit, MI
1989 The Meaning of Metal, Arch in Grand Army Plaza, NYC, NY
          Image and Possibility, Triplex Gallery, NYC, NY, curated by Harry Leigh
          Idiomi della Scultura 2, Verona, Italy, curated by Giorgio di Genova
          Garden Installation, Sandra Gering Gallery, NYC
1988 Small Works, Sculpture Center, NYC
         SCALE:small, Rosa Esman Gallery, NYC
         Four Sculptors, Bockley Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
         The Artist's Hand, Sculpture Center, NYC, curated by Eliz Egbert
         Looking at New Work, Rosa Esman Gallery, NYC
1986 Outdoor Group Exhibition, Greathouse Gallery, NYC
         Abstraction: Figure to Form, Greathouse Gallery, NYC
         Benefit Exhibition, P.S. 122, NYC
1985 John Crawford, Neelon Crawford, Robert Crawford:Photographs,
         Photogravures, and Sculpture, JayneBaum Gallery, NYC
         Sculpture for Spring, Greathouse Gallery, NYC

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Grants and Awards
1977 Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Grant

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Generosa Ammon
Pace Barnes
Howard and Ann Barnett
Pieter Coray
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